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Mid City Cleaning is a full service commercial cleaning company located in Minneapolis, MN. We use award winning technology to provide exceptional service to our customers in the Twin Cities area. For 58 years, we have innovated our commercial cleaning offerings to meet the needs of any facility. We have done this through embracing cleaning innovations and years of industry experience. This has allowed our business to exceed cleaning standards across diverse industries. We consistently meet deadlines within budget.

Our selection of commercial cleaning services are customized with specifications to meet our clients facilities. Our management team and trained technicians have developed best practices and business processes tailored to our clients. Mid City’s leadership team actively implements commercial cleaning programs to advance safety and enhance facility image.

Introduction to Commercial Cleaning Services

There are numerous benefits of maintaining a clean and productive working environment through customized commercial cleaning guidelines. Most notably is the importance of your business’s professional image. This can provide your business with an edge when attracting new business or employees. Having a clean environment to work also helps boost morale and safety for your staff.


To understand why our team is right for you, it’s important to know our history. Mid City Cleaning was founded by skilled professionals in the trade industry. Our company has expanded by providing comprehensive commercial cleaning services to a wide range of clients. Our growth has been fueled by our commitment to understanding and meeting the unique needs of various industries. Today, Mid City Cleaning specializes in serving our clients by leveraging our highly trained workforce across multiple cities and states with national infrastructure. Whether you are interested in a specific facility type we cater to or simply want to know more about our service offering we are here to help.
  • 58 Years of Experience
  • Custom Tailored Solutions
  • Clear Communication
  • Industry Standard Procedures
  • Efficient Cleaning Processes
  • Highly Trained Workforce
  • Eco Friendly Cleaning Practices


The cost of commercial cleaning services typically vary greatly based on following factors: size of space, frequency of cleaning, type of facility, service level requirements, location, and number of employees. These factors determine the amount of work required. This impacts the number of employees needed and total hours spent cleaning your commercial space. There are other factors that may go into the commercial cleaning cost. In order to provide a more accurate estimate our team would need to understand these factors and work with you to come up with a custom solution package.


Size of Space

Cleaning Frequency

Service Requirements

Type of Cleaning


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What is commercial cleaning?
Commercial cleaning refers to professional cleaning of businesses and/or organizations provided by skilled cleaners. A commercial cleaning company employs trained cleaners using specialized cleaning techniques and technology to sanitize commercial buildings.
What types of commercial spaces do you clean?

We provided tailored cleaning solutions for a variety of commercial spaces: offices, manufacturing facilities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and industrial buildings.

How do you ensure the quality of your cleaning services?
We ensure quality cleaning services through classroom and on-site training for each individual specific to their cleaning responsibilities, with the use of cleaning best practices, incorporating innovative cleaning technology, and adhering to industry best practices for comprehensive and effective cleaning.
How do you price your commercial cleaning services?
Pricing for commercial cleaning services is based on but not limited to the following factors: the size of the space, cleaning frequency, type of facility, service level requirements, and number of employees.
“You did a great job at the previous company when we set you up and I would like you to service the new company I’m working for”
-Facilities Manager – Medical Cleanroom
“I like that you check in with me weekly and walk the facility to see if there is any issues or whatnot. I feel that we have good communication because of that and needs are addressed quickly”
-Multi-Tenant Medical Clinic


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