Janitorial Services

Corporate, Private Business, High-rise building facilities, and medical, must be cleaned to pristine standards. This presentation of showcasing your facility sets the standards of your professional image for your corporation or company.

Mid City Cleaning, a corporate based Minnesota company, consistently offers professional corporate janitorial services 24/7, for Fortune 500 Corporations, Private Corporations, Private Businesses, Facility Management Companies, Corporate and Private Investors. Our professional management team has been servicing millions of cleanable square feet for more than fifty plus years. We are dedicated to showcasing your facility to make our client’s corporate executive management team stand out. Our dedicated supervision management teams have over thirty plus years of experience and they work closely with our client’s facility managers, departments, tenants, and executive management to set the dedicated cleaning standards showcasing your facility while responding to any request.

We Offer Cleaning Services 5 to 7 Days a Week

Mid City Cleaning teams make sure your entrance and lobby look perfect, guaranteeing that everyone who enters has a great first impression of your corporation or private business.

Our professionally trained staff are conscientious about cleaning your entrances, lobbies, private offices, board rooms, conference rooms, copy centers, computer rooms, clean rooms, exam rooms, procedure rooms, restrooms, lunchrooms, cafeterias, break areas, common areas, and hallways to make sure that everything is cleaned to guideline standards.

Our employees work in many different environments and are ready to meet your special janitorial cleaning needs and requests. We set the highest standards of cleaning based on your specific specifications or guidelines of FIVE S Standards, ISO, DOP, SOP. Our team uses the latest equipment, products, and technology in the janitorial industry. Mid City Cleaning extensive, onsite one on one training are the showcase training guidelines that sets us apart from our competition.

Mid-City Cleaning has comprehensive interviewing and training processes to ensure the right individual is hired for the position. All Mid City Cleaning staff members will be dressed in professional uniforms when they come to clean your offices or facilities.

Please contact Mid City Cleaning executive team when you are looking for the right professional janitorial service provider to clean your building or facility. You can call us at (763) 571-9056 to make an appointment or speak to our professional administrative staff for correspondence.