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Mid City Cleaning provides commercial janitorial services for high-rise and multi-tenant offices, financial institutions, technology centers, and other commercial buildings in Golden Valley, Edina, Richfield, and the rest of the Twin Cities. Our professional cleaning team receives special training in safe and efficient sanitizing techniques as well as how to clean around sensitive information to ensure your building is clean and your information is safe. Small office or large stadium, you can trust the Mid City Cleaning team to keep your facility clean, sanitary, and safe.

Commercial Janitorial for Offices and Financial Institutions

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Whether you manage an entire campus or lease an office suite, the Mid City Cleaning team can help you keep your corporate office sanitary. Our team cleans your facility to the highest standard of quality to ensure your workers are comfortable and safe and that you make a great impression on any visitors to your building. Work with us to develop a plan to keep your offices, cubicles, break rooms, restrooms, cafeteria, and other spaces clean and inviting.

Maintenance of Health and Safety Standards

With our stringent cleaning practices, we provide a clean and hygienic working environment that caters to the needs of the Fortune 500 and other clients. Our services provide an opportunity to meet regular and necessary cleaning requirements, ensuring a conducive working atmosphere for employees.

Enhanced Workplace Productivity

A clean and organized workplace improves productivity and team morale. Through our cleaning services, Mid City Cleaning helps clients maintain a professional appearance, which is attractive to potential customers and emplovees. A tidy office leads to better work output, enhanced creativity, and a positive employee experience.

Effective Cost Management

Mid City Cleaning’s corporate office janitorial services offer value and an efficient way to control expenses. By partnering with us, clients can avoid unexpected costs associated with cleaning materials, training, employee benefits, and equipment.

Reputation Management

As they say, “First impressions last.” With Mid City Cleaning’s services, your corporate office or campus will make a good impression on visitors, new and existing employees, and customers. A clean and well-maintained space demonstrates attention to detail and a commitment to quality, which results in a positive brand image for the client.

Environmentally Responsible Cleaning

Mid City Cleaning uses eco-friendly cleaning products, equipment, and techniques as part of its sustainability efforts. Eco-cleaning helps clients meet local, state, and federal regulations and contributing to the sustainability of your environment.

Flexible, Customized Solutions

The company recognizes that every client has different needs based on their industry, work schedule, and budget. Mid City Cleaning offers flexible and customized cleaning programs depending on the specific requirements of each client, tailored to meet their unique needs. Our cleaning schedules can be scheduled anytime or customized to meet unique corporate operating schedules to minimize disruptions to your team.

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Own or manage a multi-tenant commercial or industrial property? We can take daily janitorial services off your plate with regular, afterhours visits from our professional crew. Our well-trained team can clean your tenant suites as well as all common areas, from restrooms and lobbies to lunchrooms and hallways. Regular cleaning not only keeps your building safe and sanitary, it creates an inviting, attractive space for current and prospective tenants.

Maintaining a Safe and Sanitary Environment
Our team regularly cleans all areas of the building, from tenant suites to common spaces like restrooms, lobbies, lunchrooms, and hallways. We use industry-standard cleaning products and techniques to sanitize all surfaces and promote good hygiene. By ensuring a clean and healthy environment, we help to prevent the spread of illness and disease among tenants and their customers.
Enhancing Tenant Satisfaction and Retention
A clean and well-maintained building creates a positive image for tenants and their customers, making them more likely to stick around for the long term. Our high-quality cleaning services help create a welcoming and attractive atmosphere throughout the building, which can improve tenant satisfaction and retention. By taking daily janitorial services off their plates, we allow tenants to focus on their core business activities and lessen their workload
Boosting Property Value and Appeal
A well-maintained building is more appealing to potential tenants, helping to attract and retain high-quality tenants. Regular cleaning and maintenance also help to prevent damage and wear and tear on the property, which can boost its value over the long term. Our professional cleaning services can help ensure that your property stays in top condition, making it a more valuable investment.
Customized Services to Meet Your Needs
We work with each client to develop a customized cleaning plan that meets their unique needs and requirements. Our flexible scheduling options allow us to provide services whenever they’re needed, whether that’s daily, weekly, or monthly. We also offer a range of add-on services, from carpet cleaning to window washing, to ensure that your building always looks its best.
Reliable and Consistent Service
Mid City Cleaning’s professional crew provides reliable and consistent daily janitorial services, allowing you to focus on managing your property without the added stress of cleaning responsibilities. Multi-tenant janitorial services offer numerous benefits to building owners, tenants, and investors. From enhancing property value to improving tenant retention and promoting health and wellness, partnering with a professional janitorial team can positively impact the bottom line.

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If you manage a high-rise office building, you know keeping common spaces clean and sanitary is a challenge. Every floor has hallways, lobbies, and restrooms to clean, and you may maintain multiple cafeterias and other common areas. Mid City Cleaning has the expertise and equipment to handle every inch of your high-rise. Our daily commercial janitorial services can keep your entire property clean, sanitary, and safe.

Janitorial Services for High Rise Buildings

At Mid City Cleaning, we understand that high-rise office buildings require top-notch cleaning services to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all occupants. Our janitorial services cater to the unique needs of high-rise buildings, providing an exceptional level of cleanliness and sanitation.

Comprehensive Cleaning

Our team of dedicated professionals provides comprehensive cleaning services to keep every inch of your high-rise property pristine. From hallways and lobbies to restrooms and cafeterias, we’ve got you covered.


We use state-of-the-art equipment and sanitization techniques to ensure that your high-rise is free from bacteria, germs, and viruses. Our skilled technicians have years of experience in high-rise janitorial services, keeping your property safe and sanitary.


At Mid City Cleaning, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and attention to detail. Our team is fully insured and bonded, and our services are customizable to meet your unique needs.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We use the latest cleaning technology, such as HEPA filtration systems and electrostatic sprayers, to provide the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation. Our equipment is regularly maintained and upgraded to ensure optimal performance.

Green Cleaning

We understand the importance of sustainability and eco-friendliness in today’s world. That’s why we offer green cleaning services that are safe for your building’s occupants and the environment.

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If you operate a class A commercial building, your tenants expect the best-quality amenities, from finishes and building improvements to security and regular maintenance. This includes daily commercial janitorial services to keep suites and common areas spotless. Mid City Cleaning is your trusted partner for making your class A commercial building shine. Keep your current tenants and attract new ones with a spotless lobby, sanitary restrooms, and turnkey suites.

Impeccable Cleaning Standards

We pride ourselves on offering unbeatable commercial cleaning services that are second to none. Our cleaning specialists come equipped with the latest equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure your suites and common areas are spotless and germ-free. Our cleaning approach conforms to LEED compliance and Green Seal standards, ensuring a healthful and safe environment for your tenants.

Personalized Service

At Mid City Cleaning, we acknowledge that every Class A Commercial building is different in its structure, operations and client needs. That’s why we work with you to customize a cleaning service that aligns with your building’s unique requirements. Our experienced team will evaluate your property and deliver a comprehensive cleaning strategy, ensuring every area is optimally cleaned and maintained.

Consistent High-Quality Service

We know that maintaining a Class A commercial building requires more than just one-time cleaning services. That’s why we aim always to provide consistent service throughout our partnership. Our team of professionals is dependable and friendly, ensuring that the job is done right, the first time.

LEED Compliance

We are proud to be green seal certified and follow the guidelines set by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) organization. We reduce water consumption, minimize waste, and use environment-friendly cleaning agents that are safe even for people with Allergies.

Professional Communication

We understand the importance of effective communication in achieving our cleaning goals. That’s why we keep our clients well-informed throughout every cleaning stage, regularly offering feedback on our progress, and keeping them in the loop about any additional services they may require.

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Data centers, server rooms, telecommunications suites, and other technology centers require special know-how to clean properly without disturbing expensive and sensitive equipment. Dust and airborne particles can block fans and other vital components that your equipment relies on to work efficiently. Mid City Cleaning can help you maintain a dust-free, static-free environment with regular surface cleaning and floor cleaning. Reduce downtime and extend the life of your equipment with regular commercial janitorial services from Mid City Cleaning.

Maintaining a Dust-free Environment

Dust and dirt particles can cause damage to sensitive equipment inside technology centers, resulting in unplanned downtime and increased maintenance costs. Mid City Cleaning’s expert team ensures that technology center surfaces are properly dusted and vacuumed, reducing the risks of equipment malfunction.

Proactive Cleaning of Hard-to-Reach Spaces

Technology centers are often cramped spaces with numerous nooks and crannies that can harbor dust and grime, making it difficult to clean them. Mid City Cleaning’s specially trained janitorial team ensures that all hard-to-reach spaces are thoroughly cleaned, which ultimately make sure the equipment performs efficiently.

Maintenance of Static-free Environment

Static electricity can lead to equipment malfunctions, which can have disastrous effects on technology center operations. Mid City Cleaning uses appropriate cleaning techniques and equipment to maintain a static-free environment that ensures smooth operations.

Extending the Life of Equipment

Technology center equipment is expensive and needs to be operational for as long as possible. Mid City Cleaning’s regular cleaning and maintenance services reduce downtime, extend the life of equipment, and minimize maintenance costs.

Compliance with Cleanliness and Safety Standards

Technology center operations must conform to occupational health and safety standards. Mid City Cleaning’s janitorial services ensure that technology centers meet these standards, which ultimately creates a safe, clean and healthy working environment for employees.

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If you manage a financial institution, then keeping your clients’ data private is your top priority. This is true for financial advisors as well as banks, credit unions, and other businesses in the financial industry. The Mid City Cleaning team receives special training on how to properly avoid sensitive information while they clean and sanitize your office. Count on us to keep your space clean while using the utmost discretion.

Confidentiality and Privacy Protection
Mid City Cleaning team receives specialized training on handling sensitive information while cleaning and sanitizing your office space. We take utmost discretion in keeping your clients’ data private and secure.
Professionalism and Image Enhancement

Our janitorial services help in maintaining a clean and organized office environment, which reflects professionalism and enhances your image to clients and stakeholders. We use the latest, eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques to meet industry standards and regulations, leaving a positive impact on the environment and community.

Customized Cleaning Solutions
We offer customized cleaning plans tailored to your specific needs, schedule, and budget. Our team works closely with financial institutions to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and flexibility.
Time and Cost Efficiency
Our janitorial services help in saving time and costs compared to hiring an in-house cleaning staff. We provide a reliable and consistent cleaning service, eliminating the need for financial institutions to manage the cleaning process themselves.

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Churches, synagogues, and other worship spaces are sacred gathering places. Many also use their facilities as multipurpose spaces for scouting, schools, and other groups. With many visitors throughout the week, it is important to keep your facility clean and inviting. Trust Mid City Cleaning to maintain a safe and clean space for your congregation and all your visitors.

Cleanliness and Sanitation

Hiring Mid City Cleaning ensures that your worship space remains clean and sanitary for the health and well-being of your congregation and other visitors. We use EPA-certified disinfectants to eliminate germs and viruses from high-touch surfaces, such as door handles, pews, and restrooms.

Professionalism and Respect
We understand that religious institutions have unique requirements and protocols for cleaning. Our team of professionals adheres to your guidelines and schedules to maintain a respectful and accommodating relationship with your staff and congregation.
Flexible Scheduling

We offer flexible scheduling for our janitorial services to accommodate your congregation’s worship schedule and other events. Our team can work around vour busy schedule to ensure minimal disruption to your worship and activities.

Multipurpose Space Cleaning

Many religious institutions use their facilities for other community activities, such as schools, scout groups, and other events. Mid City Cleaning can provide cleaning and maintenance services for all areas of your facility, from classrooms to kitchens to gymnasiums, to ensure a safe and clean environment for all users.

Enhanced Security
Mid City Cleaning takes security seriously, and we understand the importance of keeping your congregation and facility safe from harm. We conduct thorough background checks on our employees and train them to notice and report any suspicious activity.
Customized Services

We understand that each religious institution has unique requirements and budgets for cleaning and maintenance services. We offer customizable packages and pricing plans to meet your specific needs, ensuring that you get the services you need, without unnecessary expenses.

“When I had Mid City Cleaning’s services in the past there was never issues so I want to use you guys again for this facility as well”
– Large Multi-Tenant Office- Long Standing Relation With Facilities Manager
“As someone with years of experience working in the commercial office facility market, I can state with certainty that Mid City Cleaning has been a lifesaver for our business. Their attention to detail is unparalleled, and they provide excellent janitorial services”
-Commercial Office
“Compliments have been pouring in this week, great job guys”
-Fortune 500 Corporate Office


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