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Mid City Cleaning is an office cleaning company located in Minneapolis, MN. We use award winning technology to provide exceptional service to our customers in the Twin Cities area. For 58 years, we have innovated our office cleaning offerings to meet the needs of any facility. We have done this through embracing cleaning innovations and years of industry experience. This has allowed our business to exceed cleaning standards across diverse industries. We consistently meet deadlines within budget.

Our office cleaning services are customized to meet your facilities needs. Our management team and trained technicians have developed best practices and business processes tailored to our clients. Mid City’s leadership team actively implements office cleaning programs to advance safety and enhance facility image.

Introduction to Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is an important part of any business because of its impact on your facility. Cleaning tends to be the last thing a property manager or owner wants to worry about. This is why our office cleaning company emphasizes quality, consistency, and customer satisfaction. This allows you to focus on the core parts of your business and on generating revenue. With our professional office cleaners you can rest assured knowing your multi-tenant, healthcare or manufacturing facility is managed by experts.

Things We Do Daily

Our teams clean daily to provide a safe, healthy, and productive work environment for employees and impressive appearance for customers. Our daily cleaning services typically consist of cleaning bathrooms and floors, disinfecting, and the removal of trash and recycling. This prevents dirt, germs, and pathogens from building up. It eliminates odors and clutter. Improving the overall health and hygiene, which offers employees a safe and clean work environment.

Daily cleaning is crucial for a healthy and productive working environment. Our daily cleaning services include the following plus the benefits.


Prevents germ buildup, enhancing hygiene.


Removes dirt, maintaining appearance and safety.

Trash & Recycling

Eliminates odors and clutter.


Reduces harmful pathogens, ensuring a sanitary environment.


Day Porter

Day porter services maintain your facilities image throughout business hours with our friendly, helpful, and responsive staff. We ensure high traffic areas remain clean and presentable. Daytime office cleaning services contribute to a hygienic and more appealing work environment. Day porting employees focus on keeping bathrooms hygenic, breakrooms clean before and after lunch, and common areas spick and span. To learn more on how we can constantly maintain your multi tenant, corporate office, or high rise is clean for your business needs please contact us.

  • All-day cleanliness with friendly staff
  • Hygienic high-traffic areas
  • Contact us for office upkeep


As an office cleaning company who cares about the wellness of others we specialize in the thorough disinfecting practices that help reduce sick days and promote a healthier work environment. Color coordination of microfiber towels is the first step in promoting an effective and hygienic disinfecting process. By assigning a color of towel exclusively to each surface, cross contamination among different surfaces are greatly reduced. To completely follow through with this process the laundering of these towels in separate machines further enhances protection. This is just one of the steps our office cleaning services takes to set us apart from other services.

  • Disinfecting reduces sick days
  • Color-coded towels prevent contamination
  • Eliminate cross-contamination

Nightly Services

After Hours office Cleaning services prepare the facility for the upcoming workday leaving the building spotless and ready for employees to start their day. Benefits to nightly office cleaning services is that they don’t interrupt business operations and allow for a quality and professional clean while minimal to no people are around.

  • Prepares facility for the next workday
  • No business interruptions
  • Professional clean with minimal presence

LEED Certification

Our office cleaning services adhere to your LEED and WELL certification requirements. Ensuring your facility receives all the available credits possible from the LEED program. Trust an office cleaning company with experience in green seal certification. Allowing us to deal with the selection of green cleaning products and equipment shifts the focus back on your business. Promote a cleaner and greener environment with LEED certified office cleaning services for your class A facility.

  • Maximizes LEED credits
  • Green seal certified
  • We handle green cleaning; you focus on business


  • Corporate Office
  • Public Corporations
  • Private Businesses
  • Medical Office Facilities
  • Multi-Tenant buildings
  • Government Office Facilities
  • Class A Office Buildings
  • Banks
  • Financial Institutions
  • R&D


As a property manager you have countless building responsibilities to ensure the facility operates efficiently. Partnering with an efficient and responsive office cleaning company can take one item off of your checklist, janitorial. Quality and reliable office cleaning services can ensure tenant satisfaction and retention to your facility keeping revenue and occupancy high. At Mid City Cleaning we work alongside property managers to ensure our office cleaning service fits within your budget for CAM. Our proactive employees report building issues as they happen such as a leaking toilet or burnt out light. Keeping the building in presentable and working order, our office cleaning company has other eyes on your asset. With our value adding services we aim to uphold the appeal of the property, much like a clean car is more appealing and will sell for more than a dirty one.
  • Clean Building = Better Customer Experience
  • Increase Building Occupancy
  • Ensures Tenant Satisfaction
  • Fits Your CAM Budget
  • Identify Building Issues Promptly


Corporate presence is everything for businesses, Facilities have unique and professional designs, employees have dress codes, and branding has your company logo. Professional office cleaning services assist with this image showing the business cares about how their facility looks and where their employees come everyday. Frequent and routine office cleaning services presents better and lasts longer compared to less frequent services. Increasing the longevity of the facilities materials. Another benefit of frequent office cleaning services is the reduction of employee sick days due to sanitized workstations and healthier environments. Mid City Cleaning works with your businesses budgeting requirements to build a tailored service package that fits.
  • Clean Offices Brings Back Employees
  • Boosts Corporate Image
  • Extends Facility Lifespan
  • Reduces Employee Sick Days
  • Fits Your Budget


The cost of office cleaning varies greatly based on the following factors: size of space, frequency of cleaning, type of facility, service level requirements, location, and number of employees. These factors determine the amount of work required. This impacts the number of employees needed and total hours spent cleaning your commercial space. There are other factors that may go into the janitorial services cost. In order to provide a more accurate estimate our team would need to understand these factors and work with you to come up with a custom solution package.


Size of Space

Cleaning Frequency

Service Requirements

Type of Cleaning


To better understand our office cleaning costs, request a custom quote today!

“You did a great job at the previous company when we set you up and I would like you to service the new company I’m working for”
-Facilities Manager – Medical Cleanroom
“I like that you check in with me weekly and walk the facility to see if there is any issues or whatnot. I feel that we have good communication because of that and needs are addressed quickly”
-Multi-Tenant Medical Clinic


Contact us today to get your tailored office cleaning solution today! We look forward to learning how we can serve you.