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Janitorial Services Daily On Your Schedule.

Entrust your routine janitorial services to Mid City Cleaning across Plymouth, Richfield, Eden Prairie, and the wider Twin Cities area. Flexible scheduling is available for your facility, accommodating any time or day of the week. Additionally, we provide afterhours cleaning to facilitate swift turnarounds and minimize disruption to your productivity. Adhering to DOP, GMP, and ISO standards, our cleaning and decontamination processes guarantee the highest industry-standard cleanliness for your facilities. Choose Mid City Cleaning for reliable and superior janitorial services..

Daily Janitorial Services Cleaning

Frequent sanitization is a crucial necessity for numerous commercial and industrial buildings, with a heightened significance in environments such as hospitals, medical clinics, and schools. Tailored to meet this need, our day cleaning janitorial services guarantee a comprehensive cleaning of all surfaces and floors every 24 hours. This includes high-traffic areas like offices, restrooms, and cafeterias. Additionally, our flexibility extends to accommodating after-hours cleaning to mitigate any operational downtime for your facility.

Special Events Cleaning

Planning a corporate party, seminar, product launch, trade show, or an employee appreciation gathering in your commercial or industrial space? Entrust us with the task of sanitizing your venue before the big event and ensuring a thorough cleanup post-gathering. Opting for after-hours service, we guarantee that your building will be seamlessly prepared for regular activities the following day.

Disinfecting Janitorial Services

Part of Mid City Cleaning’s routine janitorial services involves disinfecting various areas, including restrooms, kitchens, lunchrooms, and cafeterias, with a particular focus on high-touchpoint zones. Recognizing the significance of clean surfaces for the well-being of both your employees and building visitors, we prioritize thorough sanitization. Our team is well-versed in proper disinfecting practices, employing techniques such as electrostatic disinfection and utilizing safe and effective chemicals to guarantee the proper sanitation of your space.

Emergency Services

Commercial properties are vulnerable to unexpected disasters at any given moment. In the event of flooding, vandalism, or fire, you can confidently turn to the Mid City Cleaning team for efficient cleanup. With a skilled and experienced crew, we ensure a swift, safe, and thorough cleaning and disinfection process. We are available 24/7, and our team is dedicated to quickly resolving your emergency.

Our Commitment to Green Cleaning

Achieving a spotless clean does not have to put the health and safety of your team at risk. Mid City Cleaning uses chemicals, products, and processes that are not hazardous to health or to the environment. Our green cleaning methods are effective without leaving behind harsh smells or chemical residues. Our crews comply with green cleaning standards from LEED, the US Green Building Council, ISSA CIMS, and the Greenguard Environmental Institute. Our products and services are Green Seal certified.

"When we set up services at my other facility everything went smoothly, and I would like you to service this facility as well." – Public Transportation Provider

"Their commitment to providing top-notch cleaning solutions has helped us keep our operations running smoothly and efficiently. From routine maintenance to emergency cleanup, we have always been able to count on Mid-City Cleaning to deliver the results we need, when we need them." – Public Facilities

"Mid-City Cleaning has been providing outstanding cleaning services for the past thirty years and has been a reliable and valued partner to the local government. The team at Mid-City Cleaning have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to their clients, consistently exceeding expectations with their exceptional attention to detail and unparalleled work ethic." -Local Government Facility


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