Telecommunications, Computers, Data Centers, Media Technology

Technology is the lifeblood of today’s business world. Downtime in Telecommunications, Computer, Data Centers or Media Technology areas means loss of revenues for all businesses and facilities. Company operations are dependent on their technology assets working properly. Keeping all of the environments of Telecommunications, Computer, Data Centers and Media Technology cleaned ensures that both your IT equipment and business operate efficiently.

Mid-City Cleaning Contractors is fully prepared to accommodate your technical facility cleaning needs. Skilled in all environmental cleaning standards and procedures, our highly trained technicians are ready to safely clean all around your tech company. Complemented with state-of-the-art equipment, like HEPA equipment and other environmentally certified equipment and chemical safety knowledge, ensure proper professional cleaning that follows technical requirements. We perform the highest quality cleaning services while ensuring the operational integrity of your company’s technology assets.

Our Highly trained technicians have provided many decades of technical cleaning of all types of flooring from controlled floor surfaces to raised computer floor surfaces. Mid City Cleaning technicians understand the environments in which many technical facilities are built-in.  We follow many professional cleaning technical flooring standards.

Trained to Handle Your High-Tech Concerns
Our highly trained technicians have cleaned for many decades in the most delicate environmental spaces in facilities.  Proper technical equipment and proper cleaning chemicals ensure that your sensitive IT areas are free from contaminates and conditions that contribute to unexpected downtime. Whether you are in need of an external floor space cleaning or a maintenance program, Mid City Cleaning has the experts to assess your cleaning needs and recommend a program that meets your specific cleaning requirements.

Raise Floor Cleaning
Assure a static-free environment for your IT equipment with a regular cleaning program that ensures your flooring is dissipating static electricity correctly.

Computer Areas
Keeping your IT equipment floor’s and ledges regularly cleaned in a program prevents the spread of airborne particles and particulates

Telecommunications / Computer Room / Data Center / Media Technology
Keeping your sensitive IT areas free from contaminates helps protect equipment from unexpected downtime with a tailored cleaning program that meets your unique requirements.

Eco-Green Cleaning
Protect your technology assets and the environment with regular environmentally friendly cleaning processes.

Ceiling Plenum Cleaning
Maintain optimal business operations by reducing contaminate build up in ceiling panels with regular cleaning. Maintaining eliminates decontaminations.

Types of Facilities We Serve Include:
• Telecommunication Companies
• Data Centers
• Research Centers
• Computer Facilities
• Media Technology Centers

Contact us when you need Mid City Cleaning professional high-tech cleaning services to maintain your controlled building facilities floor surfaces. Cleaning safely is our standard to ensure your facilities are being properly maintained. Professionally cleaning to ‘Showcase Your Real Estate Investment’ is Mid City Cleaning’s image.