Multi-Tenant Janitorial Services from Mid-City Cleaning

Mid-City Cleaning has proudly been servicing corporate and private commercial spaces in diverse industries such as telecommunications, data centers, clinics, hospitals, laboratories, manufacturing, factories, industrial spaces, and more since 1965. We offer a full range of services including multi-tenant janitorial services for clean, well-looked-after, and germ-free interior spaces. Apart from the obvious benefits of having the cleaning and upkeep looked after, our services help to create a positive impression with visitors on the premises as well.

Features of Our Multi-Tenant Janitorial Services

If you’re looking for multi-tenant Minneapolis cleaning services, your search ends here. We provide full spectrum services that include:

  • Cleaning each location and all the common surfaces in the facility offering a clean and orderly appearance
  • Sanitizing the area of germs, debris and other pollutants
  • Multi-tenant janitorial services to help the building look its best
  • Cleaning and maintenance of spaces such as cafeterias and lunch rooms to specified standards
  • Restroom and lavatory sanitization for the benefit of the building occupants as well as visitors
  • Cleaning of hallways, entrance rooms, common areas, general offices, private offices and conference rooms, receptionist areas and other areas as specified and to agreed standards

Our janitorial and cleaning services are provided by a team of highly professional and trustworthy cleaning personnel that you can rely on. We use the latest techniques and products to offer the best results. Our long professional associations with our clients and the positive feedback that we receive consistently speak volumes of our dedication and the quality of our services.

The idea is to present a clean and welcoming appearance to the entire space and to help show your building in the most positive light possible. The real estate investments you and other tenants have made in the building are also reflected positively, which helps to retain the intrinsic worth of the property and also speaks well of your business, products or services.

To learn more about our multi-tenant janitorial services, call us at 1-763-571-9056 (24/ 7 service). Ask a question or schedule a free estimate today!