Minneapolis Cleaning Services – Medical Cleaning for Your Needs

Receiving efficient and effective medical cleaning services is very important. You want to make sure that your treatment rooms, procedure rooms, exam rooms, and MRI areas are free from germs and debris, as well as your entrances, lobbies, and waiting rooms. Mid City Cleaning is proud to provide you with dependable Minneapolis cleaning services, confident that every spot in your clinic, medical facility, hospital, manufacturing company, or lab is spotless and safe.

One of the best features of our Minneapolis cleaning services is that our crew is properly trained in healthcare training procedures. We follow all of the HIPPA standards, making sure that we comply with infection control precautions and security rules. Furthermore, we have a quality assurance program where we come in after our cleaning staff to assure that every service we provide continues to meet your needs.

When you request cleaning services for your location, you want to be confident that we are properly cleaning every surface properly and providing honest services. Our team use proper alcohol wipes and microfibers in all critical areas to ensure that everything we clean has been properly sanitized. We also look in areas that other businesses might pass over, making sure that trapped dirt and debris has been properly removed from all surfaces. This makes your location a healthier environment for both your patients and your staff members.

In addition to providing our staff members with the right tools for the job, we do extensive background checks to make sure that we are hiring the right employees. Once an individual has passed our strenuous background checks, we hire them because we are confident that they will always provide you with the best Minneapolis cleaning services possible.

Are you currently seeking detailed Minneapolis cleaning services for your medical location? Our professionals are prepared to serve you in Minneapolis, as well as St. Paul and other areas throughout the greater Minnesota area. You can contact us via phone at (763) 571-9056 and receive a free estimate for our services. Furthermore, we offer 24/7 emergency services when you need Minneapolis cleaning services and cannot wait for your regular cleaning crew.