Are you considering hiring a janitorial service company to clean your office, clinic, or laboratory? If so, why not go with the best? If you are looking for the most reliable janitorial services available in the greater Minnesota area, then look no further than your friends here at Mid-City Cleaning. We are confident to say that we believe we offer the best cleaning services and floor care in the industry. Don’t believe us? Take a look through our photo gallery below!

There are an overabundance of office cleaning companies in the area, so what makes Mid-City Cleaning stand out? The first thing you may notice is that we have been providing top-notch cleaning services since 1965. That’s over 50 years of continuous experience! In addition to our unbeatable resume of experience and dedication, we also provide janitorial services to a wide variety of businesses including Fortune 500 companies. Some of the industries we serve include high-rise buildings, computer areas, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and factories. No matter the business, we have you covered!


Contact the team at Mid-City Cleaning Contractors for more examples of our cleaning work. We take great pride in providing the deepest clean possible at the highest value for commercial and industrial sites throughout the Twin Cities