Corporate, Private, Multi-Tenant, High-Rise Buildings

Mid-City Cleaning Contractors is ready to accommodate your office facilities’ full-spectrum of commercial cleaning needs. Our team of highly respected cleaners specializes in all cleaning and building maintenance cleaning standards. Our professional employees clean each location to your facility standards with the professionalism it deserves. Mid-City Cleaning’s standards deliver a clean appearance on all surfaces cleaned. Proper surface sanitizing helps surfaces to be free of debris and germs.

“The entrance and lobby cleaning” is the first impression of any facilities or business image.
“Common areas and hallways must be cleaned” and maintained to agreed cleaning standards.
General and Private Offices with Conference rooms” are cleaned to agreed standards.
The client must have “proper restroom sanitation” a must in today’s world.
“Lunchrooms and cafeterias” must be cleaned to agreed standards.

Impressive Results for Our Corporate Customers
Our clients enjoy the quality of the cleaning services we provide. This consistency in delivering excellent results is part of the reason we take so much pride in the work we provide to you. Our team of highly trained corporate cleaning professionals is ready to thoroughly clean your corporate, private, multi-tenant, or high-rise complex.  We keep your organization spotless, safe, and ready to impress. Professional cleaning to ‘Showcase Your Real Estate Investment’ is Mid- City Cleaning’s image.

Reasons Why More Businesses Are Turning to Us

  • Professional & Trustworthy Workforce
  • Dependable & Consistent Services
  • Cutting-Edge Technology & Products
  • 24/7 Services Available
  • Driven by Customer Satisfaction
  • Serving Minnesota for Over 48 years

Delivering the Right Cleaning Services for Your Property
When it comes to our commercial cleaning services, we realize that there are many choices available to you. That is why our team never sacrifices quality or safety while we deliver high-value cleaning solutions for your corporate business. Whether we are cleaning your lobbies, receptionist areas, kitchens, offices, conference rooms, corridors, or lavatories, our professional workforce always delivers. Mid-City Cleaning efficiently keeps your facility in a clean welcome appearance.

Types of Business Facilities We Clean Include:

• Corporate Facilities
• Commercial Facilities
• Multi-Tenant Offices
• Private Offices
• Retail Banks
• High-Rise Complexes
• Corporate Headquarters
• Government Facilities

Secure Cleaning Team for Your Business
With over 50 years of experience in the janitorial business, our knowledge of commercial cleaning has qualified Mid-City Cleaning to handle all of your specific requests and cleaning needs. Fully insured and bonded, our staff comes to every job in easily identifiable uniforms that provides the professional look you want for your office space. We understand the many different types of office environments and know how to do all the little things that make a big difference for you. We do this while maximizing your dollar through our high quality, value-driven, cleaning services.

Contact us to ensure your employees or tenants have our professional cleaning service standards in place.  Mid-City Cleaning takes pride in offering our cleaning services to businesses and facilities like yours throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding suburbs as well as the rest of the Minnesota area. Professionally cleaning to ‘Showcase Your Real Estate Investment’ is Mid-City Cleaning’s image.